Illustrated Magazine Cover for The Georgia's Straight

A commission request from The Georgia's Straight, based in Vancouver, Canada.

The magazine cover was due and printed in 3 days, a fast turn-around. This cover is about an interview with the executive director, Rohit Chokhani. He is the director of the Fringe festival.

The art director requested "to have Rohit in the centre of the stage, with all sorts of various actors and actresses milling around". He visualized as if the audience are at the balcony up above the stage gazing down, and the focus must be Rohit.

Before sending the art director my sketches, I started researching on the director, fringe festival, finding reference pictures and inspirations. 

For the sketches, I sent the director 3 variations instead of what he requested for "straight-on" view. I am glad that he chose the more dynamic composition which challenges me to do more work...

I then requested some event pictures from the art director for further references to the actual performers.

Even though, the whole experience working with The Georgia's Straight is fast, it was not overwhelming. I enjoyed how friendly they are and the process went smoothly. I strived  to work faster with precision for this project. Unfortunately, I was not at Vancouver to be able to witness the press. I heard that it turned out as an eye-catching cover of Rohit with the strong colors and composition.

Process work
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