Sun Charm Corporation Limited, based in Hong Kong

Sun Charm Corporation Limited is a start-up business based in Hong Kong. It is a financial consultation company with a mission to give financial solution with an affordable cost. They provide modular systems that allows users to deploy whichever the modules required and services on the core ledger accounting module, fixed asset register, corporate Allocation, sales/purchase order processing, inventory control...

I was invited to design a logo, business card and redesigning their website. I took the idea of "sun charm", sun rising, for the making of the logo. The only requirement I was given by the director was that the colours are limited to blue and red. The logo is illustrated with the sun rising between two mountains with the word "S" and "C" taken from the name of the company. Instead of complexity, I chose to work with flat and graphic style considering the modern aesthetic of the company.

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As mentioned, I was also asked to redesign their website. I chose to work on it with Wordpress, with elementor.

It was my first time working on website for a client. There were several times I crashed the system. However, I managed to finish editing and published the website.

I have done some research on other financial consultation companies' websites. They are complex and informative. The website's aesthetic leans on more modern style, insists on simplicity and easy to connect for consultation.

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